Weed Vape Pens – An Overview

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Source: Desert Sun

The health effects of weed vape pens vs analog joints remains an open question, partly because the increasing legalization has led to an evolution in the development of vape technology, in terms of both the functionality of the devices and the process used to render what’s being smoked.

Before this apparent golden age, variations of hash oil were commonly turned into one of a few products, depending on the consistency. Soft gooey hash oil was marketed as “budder”, oil hardened into brittle sheets of what was essentially sticky glass was called “shatter”, and the stuff that felt like wax was appropriately called “wax”. In most cases, the oil was rendered from usually substandard weed using lighter fluid to extract the most out of the plant. Of course, this also meant that this butane and other ancillary chemicals would to some extent be consumed by the end user.

Solutions to this sort of impurity have already become apparent; some companies burn the unwanted chemicals off using a vacuum oven, others use CO2 in place of butane. This solves most, but not all of the problems. While vape pens generally provide a healthier option with a lower heat releasing fewer carcinogens, it is also the case that the higher heat of a lit joint also burns off certain unwanted compounds like cuticle waxes, which vaping does not.

The fact that cannabis vape pens have emerged to dominate the cannabis market has propelled research and development of extraction techniques beyond what would have been considered possible even a decade ago. Add to that the fact that with legalization comes regulation, and so some states have already begun to limit the amount of unwanted chemicals allowed in cannabis oil, which defines the market potential of preloaded weed vape pen.

When it comes to determining the health effects of weed vape pens, the consensus seems to be that the negative effects are minimal, though not necessarily insignificant. Being said, that new consumer of budget buds products puts a higher value on health. With that desire comes thousands of innovators racing to create the purist possible product.