Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis Edibles

Chocolate Cannabis edibles
Source: CTV News

Cannabis edibles offer an entirely new and unique way to consume weed. However, it can be intimidating at first, particularly if you are inexperienced. Fortunately, it is easy to ensure a safe and enjoyable experience with edibles. Let us take a look at what edibles are, how they work and what effects they provide. 

What are Edibles?

Edibles are cannabis-infused products made to be eaten. They are different from smoking and vaping as they deliver cannabis to the bloodstream through the digestive system. This is why THC edibles can take longer to kick in as compared to flower and concentrates. A wide variety of cannabis edibles are available to choose from. Some of the most classic options include cookies, brownies, baked items and gummies. Almost any snack or recipe can be infused with cannabis. Newer types of edible products hitting the shelves include lemonade, honey, coffee, fudge, chocolate bars, truffles, pasta sauce and more. 

Difference Between THC and CBD Edibles

While cannabis contains numerous chemical components, the two most common are CBD and THC. The latter is the intoxicating compound that induces the feeling of high while CBD is a non-psychoactive compound and is used widely in health products.

The primary difference between THC and CBD edibles is their composition and hence the effects. It get you high while CBD-rich edibles don’t. Some products can contain varying levels of THC and CBD and their effects vary accordingly. 

Benefits of Edibles

Cannabis edibles have a wide range of benefits, making them an amazing alternative to smoking and vaping. Not really a great fan of the bitter taste of mushrooms? Think about making a magic brew. Taking your magic mushrooms Canada in a form of a tea will cause the specific taste to disappear.

Easy Dosing

Edibles can be easier to dose. When you consume cannabis by smoking or vaping, the challenge is controlling the number of puffs you take. And that does not give you an idea of how much you are consuming. CBD and THC edibles can make dosing quite easy. In some regulated states, edibles need to be clearly labeled with how much cannabinoids each serving contains. This ensures a controlled experience for users. 

Long-Lasting Effects

As edibles get metabolized by the digestive system, they take longer to show effects and last longer. Edibles contain higher doses of cannabinoids as compared to vaping or smoking. Moreover, when you consume THC edibles, it is processed by the liver and converted into a highly potent form of THC. CBD edibles don’t cause any psychoactive effects but take time to kick in and the effects are long-lasting. 


One can easily make edibles at home with the use of canna-butter or oil that can be added easily to any dish. This way, cannabis users can experiment with different recipes and doses to look for new ways to enjoy the compound. 


Cannabis users still face the stigma and stereotype associated with the herb. Fortunately, edibles help users stay away from the stigma by offering a discreet, simple, smokeless way to enjoy cannabis for medicinal and recreational uses. You can buy weed online and infuse your own dishes. All you have to do is infuse oil or butter with cannabis flower and use it in your favorite recipes.